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PARMIGIANI Model PLANET Angle & Section Bending Rolls have been designed for reliability and efficiency for more than 70 years. With heavy duty frame construction combined with technological innovation these machines can handle all your bending requirements.

Capacities range from

3" x 3" x 3/8" to 10" x 10" x 1" angle, 44" beams on edge and other sections.

Standard Features:

  • Hydraulically operated & powered double independent adjustment of the lower rolls
  • Six directional operated guide rolls (optional on 3" x 3" x 3/8")
  • Shafts mounted on long life grease lubricated self-aligning spherical roller bearings
  • Welded steel frame
  • Many sizes can be used in the horizontal or vertical rolling plane
  • Mobile control console with low voltage at the controls
  • Electronic digital readouts for the position of the lower rolls
  • Hydraulically driven rolls via three low speed hydraulic motors & three planetary reduction gears directly coupled to the rolls with infinitely variable rolling speeds on most models.
  • Complete set of standard rolls for angle (leg-in, leg-out & vertical), T-bar (leg-in, leg-out & vertical), square bar, flat bar (on-flat & on-edge), rectangular & square tube, I & H-beams (easy way Y-Y axis), and channel (leg-in, leg-out easy way Y-Y axis)

Optional Equipment:

  • Devices for bending beams and channels the hard way (X-X axis) 
  • Half-pipe forming and rolling attachments and tooling
  • Device for tube spiralling with calibration of pitch and coil diameter
  • Elongated shafts for rolling wider sections
  • Device for joggling and flanging of shells and cones
  • CNC Controls (All models can be equipped with CNC, with section feeding control system and automatic alignment device. The PROFIBEND® PARMIGIANI software runs on a Siemens industrial Windows© based computer with high resolution colored screen, keyboard and mouse. Large disk capacity. Network compatibility. Controls all three main axis (feeding, left & right bending rolls) with variable positioning speed. Control can be extended up to 10 additional axes for special bending applications.)
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