Robotic Bending Cell: FX Bend Cell 2560 Max

Euromac officialy launches the new addition to it’s Robotic Bending Cell solutions, the FX Bend Cell 2560 Max is an automated electric press brake with high production capacities. Created to be adapted to two different configurations, this Euromac bending cell is a great choice to optimize costs and productivity.

    * It is a valid alternative to highly qualified workers
    * It guarantees a very high production quality
    * Short programming times
    * The offline software is integrated directly into the machine

 Part to processing in about 30 – 40 minutes
 No more programming with the pendent control
  Software, Robot and Press Break all integrated by EUROMAC and EUROMAC in-house technicians
 Machine, Robot and structure all in one
 Ability to use the Press Brake without the Robot

Full capabilities and full length as you would a brake without a robot.

Software owned by EUROMAC

COMEQ and EUROMAC will conducts all the application studies

Contact us to get an application study

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