Factory price increase a deal breaker? … COMEQ breaks the prices!

Like many other manufacturers, GEKA has recently increased their prices for all it’s IRONWORKER product line. We at COMEQ understand the reasons and have been proudly selling this rugged, reliable working mules for over 40 years and know the cost is fully justified by the value, but still…

We also do believe in paid advertisement and marketing to reach our customers, but also we also believe that getting machines to customers is our best publicity ever!

That is why for our entry level bestselling Ironworker the Hydracrop 55 we will forego the price increase and go even further dropping! We’re to lowering the price to the levels from 2016 and back!

The 55 series is where we have the most “look alikes”. However, GEKA offers more than any of them.

  • 2 independent hydraulic cylinders, 2 areas and 5 work-stations.
  • 10”or 20”throat most of our competitors offer 6-1/2″ or 8”
  • The punch and shear movements are totally unique to the GEKA ensuring maximum tonnage and a far superior cut/punch quality which leads to longer punch and blades life
  • Quality hydraulic components and even quality steel for the entire machine.  This is still unmatched by any of our competitors.
  • GEKA is also the leading company world-wide when it comes to Ironworkers (over 11,500 sold in the USA alone)
  • The Geka machines are the most copied yet never really matched by all of our competitors.  If it isn’t a Geka then its something else!

I’m sure our existing customers can come up with numerous additional arguments. The 55 series are entry level machines often price driven.  At COMEQ we believe that although we all are in this business to make profit sometimes the real return can be measured in different ways. Check out our IN STOCK SPECIAL and get all the benefits and quality of a GEKA at the best conditions ever before offered. Now we now we still might be a few dollars more than a Chinese, Turkish or any other low cost manufacturer but wouldn’t you rather spend the extra dollars on a reliable, heavy duty world class, world leading  GEKA Ironworker with a track record of almost 12,000 machines in the US !?