2020 Tax Incentive, don’t miss it!

Claim Your 2020 Tax Incentive! Don’t Let It Pass You By!

There is a tax benefit on purchasing a piece of equipment and getting it before December 31st that has never been offered before.

And, when the year is over it’s GONE! Introduced this April and good until December 31, 2020COVID ACT RELIEF BILL

  • Write off all equipment this year AND…
  • This year and this year ONLY, if your depreciation allowance is more than your profits you can amend your tax returns up to 5 years from today (back to 2015) and get refunds on the tax you paid in the prior years!
  • Machine has to be in operation before December 31st to take advantage of this. Don’t wait until it is too late to get delivery of the machine you need. Check our In stock Specials or call in
  • You can finance a machine with delivery in December, make your first payment in January 2021 and still get 100% of the depreciation this year!
  • If you are a C corporation, take advantage of the corporate tax rate for a C corporation from 2015 that was 35% versus 21% in 2020 – Huge Tax Savings that can be applied to your purchase of the machine

We work with specialized financing companies in machine tools and below just a few of the many benefits that they can provide besides the tax benefits.

  • Very competitive rates without being at the mercy of your bank
  • No blanket liens
  • Understanding what impact the machines will have on the bottom line vs. a bank and requires less information
  • Extremely quick approval, in most cases less than 24 hours

If you would like more detailed information on this NEW tax incentive please fill in our contact form or use our 24/7 chat without leaving this page.