Over the years, manufacturers have been working on improving the performance of cnc press brakes. In today’s world revolving around metal fabrication, the choice of the right press brake is among the key aspects that can determine a successful fabrication process.

CNC Hybrid press brakes represent the latest evolution of bending machine and provide the best results in terms of performances, working speed and low energy consumption.

How have press brakes evolved over the years?

Before we get into the functionality of a hybrid bending machine, let’s briefly talk about how press brakes mechanics and technology have evolved during the years.
If we quickly compare a modern press brake and one from fifty years ago, apparently it may seems that little has changed. The truth is that they are two completely different machines.
In fact, bending machines have evolved from mechanical presses to high-tech bending machines. Some of them are now completely unusable because they do not comply with current safety regulations.

•    Mechanical press brakes
It was the first bending press, now it is obsolete. Connected to a flywheel and with a movement similar to the one given by molding eccentric presses, they gave a focused and apparently rapid push. Indeed, with no precision nor adjustable gauges, the speed of axel Y is not enough to really improve the process.

•    Promecam RG
One of the most historical machines, produced by the French company Promecam that doesn’t exist anymore.

•    Hydraulic torsion bar presses
From a structural point of view, they are apparently similar to modern press brakes, but actually have the big limitation of not having independent cylinders.

•    Synchronized hydraulic presses
Represent the evolution of the torsion bar machines, make bending easier and more effective, thanks to superior versatility and precision.

•    Electric presses
The main highlight is the low-energy consumption. Electric press brakes are not always the best solution for every need. In fact they have limited bending power and bending length. They can be a good solution for processing up to 4 meters in length with tonnages up to 300 t. For higher performance unfortunately an electric bending machine is not an optimal choice.

Hybrid press brakes represent the latest evolution of bending on the market and combine together the best of hydraulic and electrotechnics, managed by exceptional electronics.

Hybrid bending machines

 The hybrid system allows three main advantages that you should look for:
Greater precision
In a hybrid press brake, the punch always reaches the same lower dead point (LDP) to the thousandth of a millimeter each time with consistency. Moreover, the oil handled is much less than in traditional synchronized hydraulic presses.
Higher speed
The hybrid system allows fast and precise crossbar movements. The secret is the presence of two brush-less engines that directly move two separate small oil tanks. It follows that speed and precision go hand in hand with reduced consumption.
Energy saving up to 78%
If we compare the performance of a hybrid press brake to a traditional synchronized hydraulic press brake, the results are truly impressive: energy savings, in standard conditions, can vary from 55% up to 78%.

How is it possible?

When you turn on a traditional hydraulic press brake, you immediately notice that the energy absorption is huge and constant; in fact, the hydraulic pump is constantly active.

With a hybrid system, the press brake only absorbs the energy it needs when the operator uses the machine. Brushless electrical engines move the crosspiece (consuming energy) only when the pedal is activated, otherwise they are off. This means that the consumption of the press brake is minimum when tools are changed and, in general, during those steps in which the crosspiece is not involved.

These are the main aspects every operator should know when considering to buy a hybrid press brake. Keep in mind that the market is becoming increasingly competitive and demanding; it is therefore crucial to adopt the best machines – such as VICLA’s hybrid press brake – that can guarantee efficiency and waste reduction.

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