Irv Lazinsky (August 20, 1924 – September 5, 2022) – One of a kind!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our founders, Irv Lazinsky (August 20, 1924 – September 5, 2022). Irv leaves a legacy not only with his family and friends but also in the machinery business.  Although Irv started COMEQ in 1972 with his son Steve, his business roots go back much further as the company began as a scrap metal business but soon developed into a new a used machinery dealership.

 As his business grew, Irv developed into a pioneer in the importation of metalworking machinery from mostly European manufacturers in Scandinavia, Turkey and Italy along with several other countries.  Many of these companies are widely recognized today and COMEQ continues to work with them.  This is no doubt due to the strong and lasting relationships built by Irv.

Throughout his time in our business, Irv placed over 20,000 machines into US and Canadian manufacturers all the while making COMEQ a household name in the distribution of fabricating machinery. In August of 2022 COMEQ turned 50 and Irv was able to see his vision hit this important milestone.

Although Irv passed the COMEQ torch to his son Steve many years ago, we will all miss his guidance and character but know that his legacy will live on through the company they built.

He was truly one of a kind!

Eric Lenhart
Vice President