Join us for the JUNE 12 – 13 and 14th, 2024

Classroom and Hands on
Seminars conducted
by leading industry experts

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Press Brakes: Bending and Beyond
(openings for June 12th or/and 13th)

Presented by Bob Macaulley
1. PressBrake 101
2. Tooling
3. Press Brake Theory
4. Forming Processes
5. Safety
Who should attend? Press Brake Operator & Shop Management.

Plate and Angle Rolling
(openings for June 12th or/and 13th)

Presented by Massimo Roccia owner of MG Plate and Angle Rolling Systems.
1. The basics of rolling
2. Rolling Theory
3. CNC Rolling
Who should attend? Plate Roll & Angle Roll operators and Shop Management.

Robotic Bending
(Open to all seminar partecipants)

Presented by Ferran Villanueva – EUROMAC
1. Why should you invest in automated technology
2. What should | be looking for in a Robotic Press brake
3. Cost justification
4. Understanding the difference between a bending cell and a cobot

Educational classes will be conducted on the 12th and 13th all day. Each class begins and concludes the same day. Participants willing to attend both classes need to book for both days.

On June 14th will be an Open House day with demonstrations and RSVP recommended walk-ins welcomed.

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