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Automated Punching & Bending complete lines


Euromac specialises in the manufacturing of products and technological solutions aimed at optimising production processes in the sheet metal working sector.

Automatic loading / unloading system

Featuring a Unique, Compact and Robust design the Euromac Automatic Load/Unload System fits on all Euromac machines and it can be shipped fully assembled so that the installation at the customer site is made fast and easy.

Sorting Cell Standard

This system completes the automation process of sheet metal working machines. Thanks to the Sorting Cell, the Euromac Punching Machine becomes a complete, automated workstation that optimizes processing and storage times.

• Speeds up productivity.
• Eliminates the need for micro-joints and secondary operations
• Parts are finished and palletized, ready for further processing

Display system for workpiece recognition.
3 Euro-pallet unloading capacity.
Possibility to rotate the workpiece to save space.
Possibility to couple up to a Euromac FX Bend Cell automated bending machine.

Sorting Cell Max

Sheet metal loading capacity of up to 3000×1500 mm.

Thanks to the high-capacity robot, workpieces are loaded directly onto the table, without the need for any micro-joints, and the finished workpiece is automatically stacked on the pallet.

Automated loading and unloading using a palletising system for up to 11 Euro-pallets, extendable to modules with rail extensions. Workpiece rotation for better space optimisation.

Great flexibility and multiple configurations.
It can be coupled to a Euromac FX Bend Cell automated press brake.

Automatic punching, forming, marking, ribbing and bending line.

Automatic punching, forming, marking, ribbing and bending line. The Euromac Automated Punching and Pressbrake Line is fully configurable.
The example shown is the result of a project developed in partnership, specifically for a company that described its production and logistics requirements to us. We have provided a solution with great flexibility and multiple configurations.

Finished parts that can be stacked without micro-joints.
A loading area of up to 3000×1500 and an unloading area of up to 11 Euro pallets.

Unloading of parts onto pallets for manual bending or directly onto the centring machine or into 2 loading areas for bending operations to be performed.

It is possible to either machine the piece directly or to make stock or kits according to the type of finish required.
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