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The EUROMAC CNC Punching Systems are tailored to meet the demanding needs of the modern fabricator with state-of-the-art technologies and unique solutions for punching and forming. Products designed with flexibility in mind. From the Model BX Mini-Turret to the fully automated XT 6 and 12. EUROMAC has an affordable solution for your application.

BX Series

This Mini Turret comes configured in both Auto-Index and non Auto-Index with working envelopes from 40″ x 50″ and 50″ x 100″. Each machine packs a powerful punch having full 33 US Ton capacity, four, six or ten tooling stations are available. The Model BX is designed for the short-run and prototype manufacturer.

ZX FLEX Hybrid Series

These machines are highly sophisticated yet extremely simple to use. They are configured with 40″, 50″ or 60″ throat depths and an X-axis from 50″ to 100″. Single, four, six or ten tooling stations are available. This machine is FAST… up to 1000 HPM (hits per minute). The Model ZXis designed for the short-run and proto-type manufacturer that has the need for high speed punching as well as specialty forming. With all tool rotation this machine can handle just about any job in the shop. Add the Hydro-electric servo and you’ll have one of the greenest punching machines available.

MBX Series

This model is the gateway to a full blown turret system without the huge price tag and the space required for one. This machine has a total tooling capacity of 60 including 30 Auto-Index stations and 33 US Ton capacity. Work envelopes from 50″ x 90″ up to 50″ x 100″. With it’s ability to punch and form utilizing a variety of 60 tooling configurations makes it perfect for the short-run and the production run fabricator.


These machines are hybrid and can handle just about any tooling set-up you can think of. The machine has a 50″ of throat and a standard table of up to 100″. Tooling capacity is up to 60 tools and 30 Auto-Index stations. Can be programmed off-line or directly from the easy-to-use programming console. Since it’s a hybrid (like all FLEX Series) the machine uses less energy (avg 4.5 Kw) than any other machine in its class and is powerful enough for your shops ever changing needs with tonnages of 24 and 33. Cost of ownership is very low and its punching and forming capabilities goes above and beyond expectations!


These machines deliver outstanding performances in both punching and forming.They have the same work envelope as the Model MTX FLEX6 machines but offer 66 tools with 30 being Auto-Index and6 Active/Retractable die stations for precise forming or standard punching. Tonages range from 24 to 33 tons. The Hydro electrics allows for full stroke programming capabilities and affords the utilization of specialty forming tools such as scribe, roller ball wheel style tools and hinge tooling. With lightning fast speeds of 1000 HPM (hits per minute) coupled with all the standard features gives EUROMAC the advantage over others.

XT 6 & 12

Discover the new punching machines generation.
Euromac’s XT new high performance punching machine, is flexible according to any production requirement.

Fully configurable, hydraulic-hybrid, electric, 6 or 12 turret machine.

Working area of 120×60″ (3000 x 1500 mm) without repositioning.

Punching speed:

– up to 1080 strokes per minute for nibbling 1 mm pitch
– up to 460 strokes per minute for punching 20 mm pitch

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