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Electric Press Brakes

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Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX bend through three words would be certainly these. The Euromac range of electric press-brakes will promptly reply to your production requirements distinguishing itself for high precision and for elevated performances.

Innovation, because the force of the press is in extension during bending with the result of having greater strength and more precision in machining.

Reliability thanks to an extremely robust monoblock structure in Meehanite than any bending machine with an assembled structure.

High-level productivity with backgauges at  4 and 6-axis, fully automatic and with independent movements. Elements in carbon fiber reduces the weight of indexes allowing to reach speeds of up to 1000 mm / sec which together with high decelerations ensure maximum productivity.

FX Bend 1023

  • Max. bending force (kN): 230
  • Bending length (mm): 1020
  • Approx. weight (kg): 2700

FX Bend 1547

  • Max. bending force (kN): 470
  • Bending length (mm): 1530
  • Approx. weight (kg): 5500

FX Bend 2250

  • Max. bending force (kN): 500
  • Bending length (mm): 2250
  • Approx. weight (kg): 6500


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