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CNC Solutions Feeders & Positioners


The Model PAX is a CNC controlled feeding and positioning system designed for punching equal-distance or variable-distance linear holes in flat plate and limited sizes of angle and channel. It allows for the feeding of material to a precise”X” axis coordinate using the CNC control automatically punches the material at the programmed location.


The Modal PAXY is a CNC controlled plate positioning and punching system ideal for long production runs or one-of-a-kind parts. It can be mated to any Model Hydracrop Ironworker or Model PUMA Single-End Punch. It is designed to save the labor time of costly layout plate handling. It will improve accuracy, eliminate template preparation, increase production, and reduce the high cost of inventory. The CNC control allows the simple programming of the X and Y coordinates.


The Model C2PL is perfect for those processing large volumes of angle. This machine will automatically feed the material through the unit, punch both legs of the angle and shear to the length programmed into the CNC control.


The Model ALRS is a CNC-controlled flat bar feeding and shearing system which can be mounted on the Geka Hydracrop 80, 110, or 220 ton dual-cylinder Ironworkers.


The Modal ALFA product line is designed for automated punching, marking and shearing of flat bars yielding a final product in one single process.The ideal choice for steel truss construction, bridge building, manufacturing of electrical power transmission equipment, steel fabricators, marine metal fabrication and for high-volume flat bar processing.

Options are available per customer requirements