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Geka Puma and PP Series Hydraulic Punching Machines


For those requiring punching capabilities only, we offer the PUMA Series of single-end punches. Five models are available with capacities ranging from 60 to 240 ton punch and each model has two versions, one with a 20″ throat depth and the other with a 30″ throat depth.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Ram keyed for shaped tool alignment
  • Full tonnage throughout the stroke
  • Quick change punch holder stripper to handle standard GEKA tooling
  • Gibbed and guided punch cylinder
  • Full structural die block
  • Motor and controls

Optional Equipment

  • 4″ or 6″ Oversize punching attachment
  • 28XX style tooling holder
  • Punch gauging table
  • Semi-Paxy X-Y positioning table Paxy system


For those fabricators that require some mobility in their punching operations, this compact punching unit offers a complete hydraulic punch package on rolling casters with a punch capacity of 55 tons.

Available in 2 versions depending on your punching requirements: Model PP50-G is designed for general punching of flats and sections, Model PP50-P is equipped with a table with T-grooves (recommended for use with die sets and special tooling).


  • 55 Ton punch
  • Maximum hole capacity: 1-1/16″ hole in 1/2″ material
  • Throat depth: 5″
  • Strokes per minute: 30 to 60


  • Mounted on wheels for mobility
  • Fully adjustable length of stroke
  • Guided punch cylinder
  • Hydraulic unit equipped with a 8.5 HP 3/60/220/440 motor
  • One remote foot control
  • One round punch die

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