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DIGIBEND 400 w/50” Backgauge

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44 Ton Horizontal Press Brake with CNC backgauge


Remove the burden from your large press brake and start using the Digibend Horizontal Bender to form small thick parts. It’s a powerful and versatile horizontal press brake with the ability to from parts 360° without the obstruction of ram interference. With the addition of a 2-Axis CNC Control, the machine provides maximum bending flexibility and unmatched accuracy.

To help with the “Never know what is coming next” syndrome, EUROMAC offers a variety of standard tools for the Digibend and changing from one to the next is fast and easy. EUROMAC has incorporated several fixturing points on the ram and in the table to make it even easier for you to develop specialty tools to fit your changing needs.


  • Tonnage: 44
  • Stroke: 9.64″
  • Speed: 22.5″ per minute
  • Max Tooling Height: 8″ up to 15.75″
  • Equipped with a 50" automatic backgauge
  • CNC Touch Screen option $7,450 instead of $9,800

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