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SERIES K 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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The new K series

This series, born from the research and experience of MG SRL, represents a NEW concept in the world of bending.

In fact it can be used as a normal 4 roll or as a 3 roll bending machine, with the particularity of having a very reduced pre-bending part compared to traditional bending machines. The already minimal straight part on our machines, of 1.8 times the thickness of the sheet processed, will be even shorter, and this can only be a practical and aesthetic advantage on the final product whatever it is. Not only that, the machine will be a variant of the PH model, with variable geometry.

It is something that has never been achieved so far, that the market will see for the first time. The machine will be equipped with the numerical control Touch Command EVO that, again, as in all the MG models in which it is present, monitors the work of bending process to perfection. With the simple touch of the screen, the sheet parameters are entered and the control generates the program. The system monitors the coordinates that are executed with the utmost accuracy and corrects any errors.

On multi-diameter process, the speeds of the interpolated movements are selected completely automatically and are controlled in all conditions in real time.

Thanks to its versatility, EVO allows wireless communication, interconnection, data collection and analysis, as well as the visualization of the desired shape in 3D graphics.

The K series will be a new and unique model, but the MG philosophy will be the same, full reliability in the control of parallelism of the rolls, planetary gearboxes directly coupled on the rolls, with all the machine force concentrated in the bending process.

 In the ME version both the movement and the rolls parallelism are electronic driven.

Two proportional electro-valves, two transducers and a dedicated system grant precision, stability and repeatability over the time, and under any temperature and condition.

In Its ML version, on the other hand, the side rolls move on a linear oblique channel reducing the space between the rolls. The point of contact of the side roll with the sheet metal takes place in a shorter space thanks to a narrower center distance; this allows working with very small diameters reducing further the flat edges.  On this model, the parallelism of the rolls is electronic; two proportional electro-valves, two transducers with digital reading and a dedicated electronic control that guarantees precision and repeatability of each roll positioning over time, independent of temperature or any mechanical wearing, ensuring always-maximum precision.