Hydraulic Servo Press Brakes Image

Hydraulic Servo Press Brakes

Featuring downstroking rams and DNC servo technology, Primeline’s Hydraulic Servo Press brakes can provide 45 to 2,500 tons of capacity at lengths from 4’ to 40’.

Hydraulic Press Brakes Image

Hydraulic Press Brakes

Utilizing proven torsion-bar design, Primeline’s Hydraulic Mechanical Stop Press Brakes allows for quiet operation. Packages include the machine, tooling, back gauge, and manual “R” axis.

Hydraulic Shears Image

Hydraulic Shears

When it comes to Primeline you have options. Primeline’s Hyrdaulic Power Squaring Shears line includes the swing beam Model H, variable rake Model VR, and custom longer models upon request.

Mechanical Shears Image

Mechanical Shears

Primeline’s Mechanical Power Squaring Shears are ideally suited for light gauge shearing needs. Featuring rapid manual blade gap adjustment, rigid all-steel plate, 40” left hand squaring arm, and more.