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Hydraulic Servo Press Brakes

These press brakes are fully hydraulic, with downstroking rams and utilize DNC servo technology. The hydraulic system incorporates two cylinders and a high volume pump to assure quiet operation and is located for easy access. Cylinder pistons are ground, hard-chrome plated. Fully adjustable servo valves paired with linear scales ensure the machine maintains its ±0.0004 repeatability. An easy to operate CNC controller indicates the position of the ram and the back gauge axes. Stroke length can be adjusted and controlled. Two speed ram advance is standard. Controls are contained in a swiveling console mounted on the machine for convenient operation; and, there is also a movable pedestal with two-hand (palm button) control and emergency stop button.

Capacities: 45 to 2500 tonsand lengths from 4′ to 40′


  • Cybelec DNC 60 “Intelligent” Control with options for Delem or ESA Control
  • “X” and “Y1/Y2” Axes
  • Punch holders for American and European forming punches, quick release type
  • Guard in rear of machine
  • Tooling package
  • Training at your location


  • Cybelec Delem, or ESA 2D or 3D Graphics Control
  • Offline programming
  • Manual crowning
  • CNC crowning (Standard in 20′ machines)
  • Support arms mounted on a linear rail
  • Power “R” Axis
  • Power “Z1/Z2” Axes
  • X1, X2, Y1, Y2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2 Axes
  • Press brake tooling
  • CE/CSA compliance with laser or light guarding
  • Higher ram travel speeds
  • Material followers
  • Infeed systems
  • Hydraulic punch and die clamping

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