4 Roll Profile Bending – AR4 Line

The AR line are powerful machines, with superior capacities at a competitive price, to roll all types of profiles. Configuration of planetary movement forming rolls to minimize flat parts. The three rolls are driven by three independent hydraulic motors and three planetary gears connected directly to each roll to achieve a higher torque transmission.

The 4 roll section bending machine range offers a wider distance between the side rolls allowing wider bending radiuses. Here, every secondary element is eliminated and the transmission of the torque results to be higher. The mechanical configuration of these machines also allows to minimize the flat parts at the ends of the profile.

These machines are versatile for the possibility of working both vertically and horizontally.

As per all MG machines, each component is pre-lubricated and sealed according to an exclusive system that guarantees lifetime lubrication. CNC automation is also possible on this kind of machine.

MG’s AR section rolls HT version for spiral pipes making has shorter shafts, reinforced motorisation to increase the power in order to obtain smaller diameters, side guides more powerful for better push and pitch control, in addition there is a small calibration roll in order to guarantee the pass precision, a front support with up/down and push/pull movement to give the operator a 360 degree control of the job. The aim of our engineers is to make the most of the machine accessories mechanical and hydraulic the same as if they were an extension of the operators arms but more powerful.

In ARL version the bending side rollers move on a rectilinear axis which reduces the space between the rollers themselves. In this way the pinching point of the profile between the lateral and the upper occurs in less space. The linear guides obtained by the machine structure allows to work smaller diameters with high precision, accuracy and stability. The straight part at the end of the profile is exceptionally reduced, the result is an optimal profile in all its parts.

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