Automated Punching and Pressbrake Line

Automatic punching, forming and bending line.

Automatic punching, forming, marking, ribbing and bending line. The Euromac Automated Punching and Pressbrake Line is fully configurable.
The example shown is the result of a project developed in partnership, specifically for a company that described its production and logistics requirements to us. We have provided a solution with great flexibility and multiple configurations.

Finished parts that can be stacked without micro-joints.
A loading area of up to 10×5′ (3000×1500mm) and an unloading area of up to 11 Euro pallets (40″x 48″).

Unloading of parts onto pallets for manual bending or directly onto the squaring unit for the bending machine to be picked up or into 2 loading areas for bending operations to be performed.

It is possible to either process the part directly or to make stock or kits according to the type of finishing required.
Contact us to arrange a briefing with our technical department manager and evaluate how could your production benefit from this system.

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