The B Series of press brakes are fully hydraulic, with downstroking rams and utilize proven torsion-bar design for ram (moving beam) parallelism. The hydraulic system incorporates two cylinders and a high-volume pump to assure quiet operation and is located for easy access. Power to the cylinders is sychronized for maximum accuracy of ram motion.

Packages include the machine, tooling (both American and European tooling can be used), back gauge and manual “R” axis.

Capacities: 45 to 1,100 tons and lengths from 6′ to 14′

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General Specifications:

• Axes configurations, Model B press brake can configure 3 axes (Y1, Y2, X) and maximum 4 axes (Y1, Y2, X+R) or 6 axes (Y1, Y2, X+R, Z1+Z2 )
• Model B controller is standard graphically 2D Cybelec Touch8 or ESA 830-2D,• Frame steel constructions manufacturing certificated raw material has been designed according optimal and minimum deflections resistance criteria of design and analyses requirement
• Steel constructions productions by modern and advanced CNC machining center.
• Hydraulic cylinders, manufactured as precision from solid full material in ALPMAC facilities and made honed.
• Hydraulic pistons, manufactured from forged steel, hardened, grinding is done, and chrome-coated in ALPMAC facilities.
• Hydraulic block and valve made in Germany, originally, high level type for performance and stability.
• ALPMAC press brake have special hydralic pump have high effiency condition of low and high pressure range
• Low electricity consumptions concept with special hydraulic design and components
• Automatically reference
• Pressing force tonnage automatically calculated according material thickness, tools and checking tools damage and machine safety
• Stroke adjustment, retract features automatically
• Programmable bending fast down and return speed with slow up functions
• Save and recall bending programs, and searching different criteria tools material
• 2 working mode, full automatically and manual
• C frame shape linear scale holders for body deflections compensations, and protected cross working
• Overload alarm system electronically
• Hydraulic maximum limit protect system with safety valve group
• Calculations unfolded length, automatically and programmable bend order features, according to the material thickness, material type, tools features
• WILA type manual or motorized crowning systems with opposing wave optionally

Optiona Equipment:

• Cybelec Touch 12, 2D Graphic Touch Screen 12” automatic bend order calculations 4 axes
• Cybelec 15T, 2D Graphic Touch Screen 15” Automatic Bend Order Calculations
• Delem 53T or Delem 58T 2D graphical colored CNC control unit (automatic search bend order optimizations collision check )
• ESA 640 or ESA660 – 2D – Graphical CNC Controllers
• WILA typ ‘opposing wave’ manual crowning (antideflection) system
• WILA typ ‘opposing wave’ motorized crowning (antideflection) system
• X+R 2 axis back gauge
• Longer X axis stroke 1000mm
• CE conformity with AKAS Laser finger protections manual and safety PLC
• CE conformity with AKAS Laser finger protections Motorized and safety PLC
• CE Conformity with DSP finger protections manual and safety PLC
• DFS Laser beams finger protections in front Non CE
• Light barriers in front ( for tandem applications )
• Additional extra back gauge fingers
• Additional extra front support arms
• WILA type hydraulic or mechanic top tool clamping system
• WILA type hydraulic or mechanic bottom tool clamping system
• Hydraulic Promecam type top tool clamping system
• American type compatible top tool clamping system
• Longer stroke and throat 500mm throat and 300mm stroke
• Special stroke, special throat according requirements
• Extra control panel foot pedal
• T slot on table
• Heat exchanger (oil cooler) by air or by chiller
• Oil heating unit
• Special color
• ROL1 or ROL2- ROL4 top tool clamping systems
• 220-240V 60hz operating voltage
• 440-480V 60hz operating voltage
• 220-240V 60Hz and 440V-480V 60 Hz double operating voltage (by preliminary
• Green Collection for energy saving


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