The C Series of hydraulic press brakes are meant for Performance, Accuracy and Speed.
Cylinder pistons are ground, hard-chrome plated. Fully adjustable servo valves paired with linear scales ensure the machine maintains its ±0.0004 repeatability. An easy to operate CNC controller allows to program up to 12 axis . Stroke length can be adjusted and controlled. Two speed ram advance is standard. Controls are contained in a swiveling console mounted on the machine for convenient operation; and, there is also a movable pedestal with two-hand (palm button) control and emergency stop button.

Capacities: 45 to 2500 tons and lengths from 4′ to 40′

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• Axes configurations, Model C press brake can configure 4 axes (Y1, Y2, X,R) and maximum 12 axes (Y1, Y2, X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2, AP3, AP4…)
• Model C, standart WILA type manual crowning systems with opposing wave.
• Model C controller is standard 2D/3D colored graphical big screen standard Cybelec 15T, Delem 58T or ESA675 3D CNC
• Automatically calculations unfolded length, automatically and programmable bend order features, according to the material thickness, material type, tools features standard. 2D/3D graphical color controller provided optimizations of automatically search bend order with collisions check for bending parts
• Frame steel constructions manufacturing certificated raw material has been designed according optimal and minimum deflections resistance criteria of design and analyses requirement
• Steel constructions productions by modern and advanced CNC machining center.
• Hydraulic cylinders, manufactured as precision from solid full material in ALPMAC facilities and made honed.
• Hydraulic pistons, manufactured from forged steel, hardened, grinding is done, and chrome-coated in ALPMAC facilities.
• Hydraulic block and valve made in Germany, originally, high level type for performance and stability.
• ALPMAC press brake have special hydraulic pump have high efficiency condition of low and high pressure range
• Low electricity consumption concept with special hydraulic design and components
• Automatically reference
• Pressing force tonnage automatically calculated according material thickness, tools and checking tools damage and machine safety
• Stroke adjustment, retract features automatically
• Programmable bending fast down and return speed with slow up functions
• Save and recall bending programs, and searching different criteria tools material
• 2 working mode, full automatically and manual
• C frame shape linear scale holders for body deflections compensations, and protected cross working
• Overload alarm system electronically
• Hydraulic maximum limit protect system with safety valve group
• Calculations unfolded length, automatically and programmable bend order features, according to the material thickness, material type, tools features


• Delem 66T 2D graphical touch screen, Delem 69T, 3D color graphical touch screen CNC control unit with Profile T3D and DXF imports package
• VisiTouch 19, Windows 19” 3D, software package (DXF) – DXF 3D format import
• WILA type ‘opposing wave’ motorized crowning (antideflections) system
• X, R, Z1+Z2 4 axis back gauge
• X1+X2, R, Z1+Z2 5 axis back gauge
• X1+X2, R1+R2, Z1+Z2 6 axis back gauge
• X5 axis adaptive
• Longer X axis stroke 1000mm
• CE conformity with AKAS Laser finger protections manual and safety PLC
• CE conformity with AKAS Laser finger protections motorized and safety PLC
• CE conformity with DSP Laser finger protections manual and safety PLC
• DFS Laser beams finger protections in front non CE
• Light barriers in front (for tandem applications)
• Additional extra back gauge fingers
• Additional extra front support arms
• (Up to) 120 mm/second upper beam approach speed
• (Up to) 120mm /second upper beam return speed
• Sliding front support arm system for support bending
• Heavy duty rigid, cnc controlled back gauge
• Precision servo motorized, back gauge system with driver
• X axis stroke 750 mm
• Movable back gauge fingers along of bending length by manually
• Protect covers at the side
• Top tool clamping Promecam system
• Top tools hardened, grinded standard 835mm lengths, 66,6mm (1260)-105mm (1281) ( 400 ton and over ) high
• Bottom tools hardened, grinded standard 835 mm
lengths, 60x60mm, 4 channels 16/22/35/50 mm (2067)
• Narrow table or wide table with T slot
• CE conformity light guard rear of press category 4
• Complete electrical switch board and
• WILA type hydraulic or mechanic top tool clamping system
• WILA type hydraulic or mechanic bottom tool clamping system
• Hydraulic Promecam type top tool clamping system
• American type compatible top tool clamping system
• AP3+AP4 axis front sheet support follower CNC
• T slot on table
• Heat exchanger (oil cooler)
• Oil heating unit
• Special color
• Extra back gauge fingers
• Extra front support arms
• Extra control panel foot pedal
• ROL1 or ROL200- ROL4 top tool clamping systems
• Special stroke, special throat
• 220-240V 60hz operating voltage
• 440-480V 60hz operating voltage
• 220-240V 60Hz and 440V-480V 60 Hz double operating voltage (by preliminary preparation)
• Green Collection for energy saving


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