FX Bend Cell 1547 KR60 Max

The ideal solution for workpieces up to 1500 x 800mm. Large-capacity robot, with 2 different unloading configurations that can be modulated based on customer productivity.

Cell for small and medium-sized pieces with a high production capacity.

The cell is integrated by:

  • FX Bend with 6-axes backgauge
  • Robot Kuka KR60
  •  Base of the robot integrated into the machine
  • Centering table
  • Turnover system
  • Double part control
  • Loading station with 2 tables of 1500 x 800 mm
  • Unloading:
  • Vertical storage for 10 Europallet (optional)
  • Palletization on a motorized roller conveyor for
  • Boxes for small pieces
  • Automatic belt conveyer for unloading into a box

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