MBX Plus Series

This model is the gateway to a full blown turret system without the huge price tag and the space required for standard one. This machine has a total tooling capacity of 60 including 30 Auto-Index stations and full in 33 ton capacity. Work envelopes from 50″ x 50″ up to 50″ x 90″. With it’s ability to punch and form utilizing a variety of 60 tooling configurations makes it perfect for the short-run and the production run fabricator.

The upgraded frame (PLUS) with it’s increased of dimensions enables the machine to operate with higher speeds thus ensuring greater stability and working precision.

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Application examples

  • Knock-out

    Precision forming

  • Forming

    Any type of forming up to 3" diameter

  • Deep forming

    Up to 1/2" from bottom surface

  • Full part

    Full part in a single turret setup


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