MW-Ironworker series by MG

• New ergonomic design that takes into account the physiological and psycho-intellectual needs of the individual in his workplace.

• Sturdy and solid thanks to its double-sided bolted structure, together with graceful and flowing lines alluding to dynamism and sense of harmony.

• The maximum reliability with the maximum working comfort.

The MG HYDRAULIC IRONWORKER MACHINES MW are developed to provide the highest quality, saving labor time and material cost.
Electro-welded structure, made employing the latest manufacturing methods, CNC equipment and extensive quality control, can grant
efficiency and durability of the machine.
Each workstation is designed with special guard devices, in order to assure safety while offering precision and user-friendliness.
The operator can operate on the machine with maximum safety in the tool adjustment mode. Multifunctional machine, designed to handle various tasks, the MW machines are equipped with five working stations and can be used by two operators independently.

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  • I beams

  • Angle punch and shear

  • Channel punch and shear

  • Angle application

  • Flat bar punch and shear

  • Structural

  • Rods shear

  • Square bar shear


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