The C Series of hydraulic press brakes are meant for Performance, Accuracy and Speed.
Cylinder pistons are ground, hard-chrome plated. Fully adjustable servo valves paired with linear scales ensure the machine maintains its ±0.0004 repeatability. An easy to operate CNC controller allows to program up to 12 axis . Stroke length can be adjusted and controlled. Two speed ram advance is standard. Controls are contained in a swiveling console mounted on the machine for convenient operation; and, there is also a movable pedestal with two-hand (palm button) control and emergency stop button.

Capacities: 45 to 2500 tons and lengths from 4′ to 40′

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  • Cybelec, Delem Control
  • Up to 12 axis
  • Punch holders for American and European forming punches, quick release type
  • Long Stroke 11.81″
  • Large throat depth 19.69″
  • Fast German-Made Hydraulic System
  • Offline programming
  • Auto crowning
  • CNC crowning (Standard in 20′ machines)
  • Support arms mounted on a linear rail
  • Power “R” Axis
  • Power “Z1/Z2” Axes
  • X1, X2, Y1, Y2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2 Axes
  • Press brake tooling
  • CE/CSA compliance with laser or light guarding
  • Higher ram travel speeds
  • Material followers
  • Infeed systems
  • Hydraulic punch and die clamping


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